The Best Kitchen Sink ReviewHey, Melissa here,

I have been in the remodeling industry for twenty years and you are reading my blog about my experience and insights from running a successful interior remodeling company to owning a retail plumbing business.  I want you to understand that this experience combined with my background in finance has given me a lot of knowledge when it comes to remodeling, best practices and value.

You might be asking why am I writing about this?  And, that’s a great question!  First of all, I love to write, but more importantly, I’m sure there are many people out their that can benefit from all of the research and countless customer meetings that I’ve had; trying to find my customers the best value and best practices when it comes to kitchen and bathroom design.

My goal is to give you real world knowledge in easy to understand posts about anything and everything to do with kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Below my picture on the right you will find posts about many of the challenges and best practices you should know in order to make good decisions about your design.  I will do my best to keep everything simple and easy to understand.  Your feedback is welcomed!

Here is one of my favorite HGTV videos of Basic Kitchen Budgeting by Lise Simms:


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